Students are given a before picture of a baby lion. The students task is to be able to manipulate the image by changing the RGB, rotate the picture, or duplicate the image. 

Students are given a deck or card with the objective of creating the game beeblejack. The cards have to be stored in an array and be able to execute functions such as shuffle, deal, count, and compare. The program can deal to both the dealer and the player and evaluate the hands based on the game selected by the player to determine the winning hand. 


The program asks the user for the amount of animals to be stored in a vector. Once the size is defined, it collects the input of animal name and the amount of each animal and stored it in the vector. It is then saves as a file. 

The program is given with a set of numbers that are distorted. The students objective is to be able to sort the numbers using Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, and Bubble Sort