My favorite Projects in Java and C++


Lab 4 : Pixel

Students are given a before and after picture of animals. The before picture is then distorted using different patterns or change in pixel colors. The students objective is to observe the change and be able to revert the image to its original form.

Lab 6 : BeebleJack

Students are given a deck of cards. Their objective is to be able to create different game modes as well as to be able to determine the winner when the game is played.


Lab 1 : Zoo

The objective for the students is to create a vector with the size specified by the user. The program than asks the user for the name of the animals that is to be stored. After all the information is gathered, the input is then saved in a document.

Lab 3 : Sort

The objective of the project is for students to sort the given numbers using different technique such as Selection Sort, Insertion Sort and Bubble Sort.