About Me

Madan Thapa
Information Systems

As an Information Systems major, the programming language which I am comfortable with are Java and C++. WordPress is also another development platform which I am able to utilize.Through college classes as well as work related experience, I have been able to develop my technical and social skills.College has taught me to be more independent and gather the necessary resources rewuired to tackle new problems. Working as an Uber driver, the experience i gained has allowed me to be more understanding of different cultures and individuals of different experiences. Working in a team environment is the ideal environment because of the creativity and the energy involved when working with others.


Madan Thapa

Technical Skills


Intermediate Java Developer. I would describe my Java skills as a intermediate student. I have the basic fundamentals down but i need to learn inept skills such as files management. I am able to read the language fluently.


Intermediate C++ developer. I am comfortable with the beginner topics such as arrays; however, pointers are a tricky subject for me. Similar to java, I am comfortable with reading C++ codes.


Very Comfortable with word press due to its similarity with other programs such a Dreamweaver.

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